INCREDIBLE PINK is the most versatile product you will ever use, and it’s safe. This non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable product is the answer to your every need. From laundry detergent to degreasing an engine, INCREDIBLE PINK has always done the work so you don’t have to. It’s safe around children, pets, plants, and it’s even safe for your septic tank. One ounce of INCREDIBLE PINK in a quart of water is strong enough to remove stains from your carpet, clean your lawn furniture, remove finger prints from walls, and clean porcelain in the bathroom. Use INCREDIBLE PINK as a vinyl siding cleaner, engine degreaser, in your RV, on your boat, Floor cleaner, rug shampoo, fiber glass cleaner, laundry detergent, deck, recreational vehicles, and many more applications like theses:
INCREDIBLE PINK even removes the smell of smoke, mildew, and pet odors from your precious valuables.
So remember, if it’s a cleaner you need, hire a maid. If it’s a miracle you want, buy INCREDIBLE PINK.

INDUSTRIAL: Machinery, Floors, Greasy Parts, Light Shields, Walls, Work Tables, Shelves, Forklifts, Stains, Desks, File Cabinets, Rugs, Filters.
AUTOMOTIVE: Engine Degreaser, Upholstery, Whitewalls, Car Wash, Pressure Wash, Vinyl, Canvas, Fender Wells, Vinyl Roofs, Rugs, Dash Boards, Trunks, Rubber Trim. 
MARINE: Cabin Walls, Decks, Fish Compartments, Hulls, Bilge Cleaner, Stainless Steel, Vinyl, Rubber, Engines, Sails, Heads, Equipment, Clothing.  
HOUSEHOLD: Screens, Laundry, Oven Cleaner, Driveways, Floor Stripper, Fuel Spills, Rugs, Appliances, Vinyl Siding, Decks, Lawnmowers, Degreasing, Fiber Glass, Bathroom.

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Mainiacres  Supply

We have many products for all of your cleaning needs. Wether it be motors that need cleaning from grease and oil, or your laundry with stains, or even windows that have that stubborn film on them, no matter what you do. We have a cleaner for that. All products are biodegradable, non toxic, no chemical solvents, no petrolum solvents, and septic system safe. Safety & data sheets availab upon request. Check out our products below, Im sure, like us,  you will love our products and keep coming back for more.

Maui Wash Wax & Shine
Maui Premium Wash, Wax, and Shine is biodegradable and non-toxic to, people, animals, and the environment. Probably one of the only true wash and waxes that you will ever buy for your car. This product contains silicone and rich carnauba wax. Has great foaming action that last through multiple washings. Make faded vehicles look like they had just been polished, and maintain a showroom shine on new vehicles. Customers that use this product have actually reported that friends and neighbors have asked if they had their car reconditioned, and have been amazed at their reply.
This is a very inexpensive way to maintain and protect the beauty of your vehicle. It takes as little as two caps full in a bucket to wash several vehicles. Maui Premium forms a protective UV coating on the finish
of the vehicle, which is evident by the beading of water on the surface.

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Yes! We mean it; Film Buster could literally save your life. I’m sure that like many of us, we all seem to go to work and return from work directly with the sun in our eyes. The sun at one time or another has blinded us all even after just washing the inside of the windshield. The largest cause for not being able to see is the film that you can never quite rid your windshield of. Dirt, smoke, dust and many other combinations of pollutants in the air cause this film. You wash your windshield one day and the next day the film is back, however, not with Film Buster. This amazing cleaner is really too unique to call “just a glass cleaner,” this product will make all of the hard to clean glass clean up like a miracle.

Now blinding sun won’t destroy your vision because of a blurry windshield, and night driving has never been better. It’s almost as if the windshield wasn’t even there.

Fingerprints on glass can be wiped off with a dry towel or cloth after you have washed them with Film Buster.

Because it removes the film, dirt and other pollutants have nothing to cling to, therefore allowing the glass to remain clean for an amazingly longer time.

Film Buster contains no ammonia or any other noxious odors. It may be used on mirrors, appliances, automotive glass, showcases, plate glass, storm windows, and many other items. Film Buster will keep the film from reoccurring.

Elimination of film equals less time cleaning glass

Suggested retail: QT. $10.00

You've never tried a citrus cleaner like Citra-Plus before. This is the newest member of our family of wonderful cleaning products. Citra-Plus is a biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable concentrated super citrus cleaner with a new non-coughing and low foaming formula that makes it ideal for cleaning around your home!

For as little as 20 cents you can make a quart of ready to use product for you're toughest cleaning applications. Wash floors of all types, watch soap scum dissolve before your very eyes, clean grease with just a few scrubbing! Clean burned on food stains, vinyl siding, mold and mildew without expensive equipment, plus thousands of other uses. We have asthma patients who swear by Citra-Plus because of its new non-coughing formula. It's great for homes, schools, restaurants, convenience stores, garages, trucking outfits, and many other work places. It's already sold in the professional market as a floor cleaner, truck wash, degreaser, tire cleaner, vinyl cleaner, and other multi purpose applications. With this one product you can replace all the products you are buying to perform such tasks as cleaning:

Vinyl | Tires | Fabrics | Appliances | Fiberglass | Toilet bowls | Vinyl and wood floors | Vinyl siding | Grease | Cement | Porcelain | Soap scum | Mold and mildew | Smoke damage | Lawn furniture | Recreational vehicles | Automobiles | Pressure wash | And much, much more!

So put the power of citrus in your hands with Citra-Plus!

Suggested retail Qt. $10.00

Suggested retail Gal: $25.00

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When you want the job done right the first time.!

Wholesale: Qt. $10.00

Suggested retail: Qt. $14.95

Suggested retail: QT. $10.00

Suggested retail: Gallon $25.00